Visual Oracle

Visual Oracle 2011.01

A powerful program for professionals, collectors and novices in Tarot
2011.01.16 (See all)

A powerful program aimed for professionals, enthusiasts, collectors and novices in Tarot.
Use different meanings of the cards at the same time
View your readings changing the decks, compare the cards and interpretations
Powerful Card Titles and Card Meanings Managers. Create your own interpretations, meanings for the whole decks.
Create and edit the spreads (as templates) using the Visual Designer
Name, save, print and share the spreads and interpretations.
A revenue-sharing program which affords anyone with a web site the ability to earn money in a profitable online business.
Make screenshots of the spreads and readings
Export the readings as the reports in RTF (MS Word and Open Office compatible file format) and HTML or save to the Diary.
Fully customizable Card Table / Reports Layout
Use 78 cards or only Major Arcans (22 cards) or only Minor Arcans (56 cards)
Use 36-card decks (e.g. Lenormand cards)
Use one or more Blank cards (empty cards), Reversed cards
Repeat the cards (this feauture designed for Time-Line Spreads)
Compare the cards and runes (for researching and meditation)
Visual Tarot is portable. You can install Visual Tarot to the HDD, External HDD, USB Flash Drive, or any other mobile devices. Installing Visual Tarot on a mobile drive you can use the program on any computer
Many add-ons (spreads, decks, etc) are available for download!

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